About Us


We aim to provide the best possible service to you here at powchat. Often we will ask you for your ideas and thoughts how we can better our website. Powchat was built for the sole purpose of connecting people all around the world. Making new friends is what it is all about and building connections. Offering profiles, status updates, posts and forums. If there is anything you do not agree with on our website then feel free to contact us on any form provided on the site. It has taken us years to build a great social network for people to use and we enjoy seeing people building connections. website includes the use of cookies so please turn them on if you haven't.

With the introduction of chat rooms to powchat our visitors thrive on building new friendships and we want to include you. To include you in our community you need to make an account and build your profile. Making a profile allows other users to easily get to know you and add your as a friend on the network. We do not charge money to use our service and everything you see and use is totally free of charge with no commitments or subscriptions.

The absolute main thing is that you enjoy your time here and just have fun on powchat. Come as guest and stay as member grabbing all the best features you can for free. If your having trouble getting involved with other users of the chat room just say hello to eveyone and don't worry people will respond. best of luck and happy chatting!


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