About Us

PowChat is a safe free chat room and social network designed for all age groups, Featuring walls to post on and photo uploading these are only 2 listed features that PowChat provides. Here you can meet people from all over the world and connecting with them is very simple, Either join the chat rooms or use the social network to add friends of your choice, The chat rooms featured on PowChat do no require you to register or sign up.

Everything on the website is all free and there is no charge to use any part of it all that is required to use the social network is your email address and some small details about yourself, The chat room is fully functional without any personal details at all. You will find people from all corners of the globe in the chat rooms from Europe to the north pole, We cover all areas of the world.

When logging into powchat you will be presented with a wall where you can post messages for everyone to see, Wher people can interact with you and respond with reactions and text.

Enjoy meeting your new friends around the world.


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